Thursday, October 10, 2013

Zebra Quilt

This quilt was created for my brother and (soon to be) sister in-law's engagement. I wanted to create something slightly funky and modern, but not too overbearing.

I used a design from Any Ellis's modern neutrals book, but didn't quite stick to the neutrals theme :D This is what the original one looked like from the book:

The fabric choice took a couple of goes to get right. Initially I had the grey and orange, with a couple of different hues of blue fabric. The fabric choices were gorgeous, but in the end I didn't think the blue had enough contrast with the grey. I decided to go back to the shop and get white for the contrast to grey, and figure out a new corresponding color to the orange. The partner color for orange took forever to choose. I wanted to move away from the original design by having more contrast, but I still wanted a similar color value. I took forever looking at all the other browns, oranges etc, before finally deciding to branch out and go with a lime green. I'm glad I did, as I really love the color combination!

The piecing was straight forward, and I was happy with how well my points turned out. Almost every single point matches up to the millimeter!

The difficulty came when deciding what pattern to choose for quilting. I was tempted to somehow follow the zigzag, but with advice from quilting communities I decided to go with a swirly pattern. However, I wanted to keep some semblance of order to it, to keep that feeling of order to the quilt as a whole. I ended up doing lines of swirls, which involved drawing lines on the quilt and then pre-sketching each swirl's placement. This ended up being somewhat bad, as I had to wash the quilt numerous times before the chalk/vanishing ink marks would come completely off.

I was happy with the result though, and the swirls were definitely a great idea (thanks everyone)!

Really loved doing this quilt. It was quick to piece together and quilt, and came out looking pretty cool (if I do say so myself)!

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  1. I'm glad to see this Zebra Quilt, It's really beautiful. The color scheme and fabric is perfect choice of you. I love sewing and also getting know about others quilts designs. Thanks for sharing it here.